Accepted papers

Invited Talks

  • Towards a Probabilistic Interpretation of Game Logic
      Ernst-Erich Doberkat
  • A quest for Kleene algebra in 2 dimensions
      Gheorghe Stefanescu
  • Connections Between Relation Algebras and Cylindric Algebras
      Ian Hodkinson

List of Accepted Papers

  • Type Checking by Domain Analysis in Ampersand
      Stef Joosten, Sebastiaan Joosten
  • Encoding and Decoding in Refinement Algebra
      Kim Solin
  • Relational Mathematics for Relative Correctness
      Jules Desharnais, Nafi Diallo, Wided Ghardallou, Ali Jaoua, Marcelo Frias, Ali Mili
  • Completeness via canonicity for distributive substructural logics: a coalgebraic perspective
      Fredrik Dahlqvist, David Pym
  • Solving a tropical optimization problem via matrix sparsification
      Nikolai Krivulin
  • Towards Antichain Algebra
      Bernhard Möller
  • Closure, Properties and Closure Properties of Multirelations
      Rudolf Berghammer, Walter Guttmann
  • Tool-Based Verification of a Relational Vertex Coloring Program
      Rudolf Berghammer, Peter Höfner, Insa Stucke
  • Generalized N-ary relations
      Bartosz Zielinski
  • Towards Interactive Verification of PLC Programs using MKA and KIV
      Roland Glück, Florian Benedikt Krebs
  • Roughness by Residuals: Algebraic description of rough sets and an algorithm for finding core relations
      Martin Eric Müller
  • Decomposition of Database Preferences on the Power Set of the Domain
      Patrick Roocks
  • L-Fuzzy Databases in Arrow Categories
      Evans Adjei, Wazed Chowdhury, Michael Winter
  • Relations among Matrices over a Semiring
      Dylan Killingbeck, Milene Santos Teixeira, Michael Winter
  • Relational Formalisations of Compositions and Liftings of Multirelations
      Hitoshi Furusawa, Yasuo Kawahara, Georg Struth, Norihiro Tsumagari
  • Investigating and Computing Bipartitions with Algebraic Means
      Rudolf Berghammer, Insa Stucke, Michael Winter
  • Completeness and Incompleteness in Nominal Kleene Algebra
      Dexter Kozen, Konstantinos Mamouras, Alexandra Silva
  • Text categorization using hyper rectangular keyword extraction: Application to news articles classification
      Abdelaali Hassaine, Souad Mecheter, Ali Jaoua
  • Mechanised Relation-Algebraic Order Theory in Ordered Categories without Meets
      Musa Al-Hassy, Wolfram Kahl
  • Metaphorisms in Programming
      Jose Oliveira

List of Student Track Papers

  • A Generic Matrix Manipulator
      Dylan Killingbeck
  • Relational Approximation of Maximum Independent Sets
      Insa Stucke
  • RLE-based Algorithm for Testing Biorders
      Oliver Lanzerath
  • Loop Analysis and Repair
      Nafi Diallo
  • On a monadic encoding of continuous behaviour
      Renato Neves
  • Relational Equality in the Intensional Theory of Types
      Victor Miraldo
  • Decision Methods for Concurrent Kleene Algebra with Tests: Based on Derivative
      Yoshiki Nakamura
  • Monoid Modules and Structured Document Algebra
      Andreas Zelend