Next conference

RAMiCS 16tinynew.gif is scheduled for Spring 2017 and will be organized by ENS Lyon.

Previous conferences

Since 1994, the RelMiCS meetings have been a main forum for researchers who use the calculus of relations and similar algebraic formalisms as methodological andconceptual tools. The workshop series on Applications of Kleene algebra started with a Dagstuhl seminar in 2001 and has been co-organized with the RelMiCS conference since.

Due to their considerable overlap, the two events have a joint PC, joint proceedings, and are now unified under the RAMiCS name: Relational and Algebraic Methods in Computer Science. Their scope comprises relation algebra, fixpoint calculi, semiring theory, iteration algebras, process algebras and dynamic algebras. Applications include formal algebraic modeling, the semantics, analysis and development of programs, formal language theory and combinatorial optimization.